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Journal of Educational Technology

2006 Volume 3, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The Demands and Expectations in ESP Adult Teaching: English for BBA Executives

    Fuzirah BT. Hashim & Zarina Othman

    Teachers often adopt a particular teaching and learning approach in their classes to ensure that effective learning takes place. It is assumed that teaching working adults would require the... More

    pp. 11-17

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  2. Changing the Priorities in Teaching English in Asia: A Monologue for Teachers and Students

    Z N. Patil

    Language teaching methodology has been changing over a period of time. The teacher-centered approach is gradually giving way to learner-centered approach. Until a decade ago, the role of the... More

    pp. 18-24

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  3. Taking a Closer Look at Reading Online

    Mary McNabb

    This article reviews the author's work as an evaluator for Internet-related school improvement initiatives in the USA. One of the latest research areas has to do with the processes associated with ... More

    pp. 25-30

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  4. A Multi-Language System for Knowledge Extraction in E-Learning Videos

    Aparesh Sood, Ankush Mittal & Divya Sarthi

    The existing multimedia software in E-Learning does not provide par excellence multimedia data service to the common user, hence E-Learning services are still short of intelligence and... More

    pp. 48-55

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  5. Beyond No Significant Differences: A Closer Look at the Educational Impact of Computer-Based Instruction

    B Jean Mandernach

    There is a host of research examining the equivalence of alternative modes of technology-facilitated educational delivery (such as computer-based or online instruction) and traditional classroom... More

    pp. 56-63

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  6. The Front-End to Google for Teachers' Online Searching

    Faezeh Seyedarabi

    This paper reports on an ongoing work in designing and developing a personalised search tool for teachers' online searching using Google search engine (repository) for the implementation and... More

    pp. 64-70

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  7. Online Graduate Study Health Care Learners' Perceptions of Group Work and Helpful Instructional Behaviors

    Kim Bergeron & Sherri Melrose

    Participating in small group activities has emerged as a trend in online learning events. However, little is known about how graduate students experience online group work and what instructional... More

    pp. 71-77

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