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Journal of Educational Technology

2006 Volume 2, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Evaluation of Educational Management Systems: A Critical Approach for Empowering Online Communications

    Gulsun Kurubacak

    The main purpose of this article is to generate a functional model of evaluation that EMSs can be able to empower online communications characterized by imperative decision making task. The... More

    pp. 19-27

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  2. Systems Innovation and Education Management Systems (EMS)

    Nageswararao A. V. Rao

    Many researchers and practitioners contend that all institutions respond to changing market need and can create competitive advantage through innovation and creativity. Each year, institutions... More

    pp. 28-39

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  3. Selecting a Course Management System: Selecting and Implementing a Course Management System

    B Jean Mandernach, Emily Donnelli-Sallee & Amber Dailey-Hebert

    Institutions of higher education are embracing the role of the Internet as a medium to promote on-demand communication between faculty and students. As such, online course management systems have... More

    pp. 52-66

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  4. Unorganized Cognitive Structures of Illiterate as the Key Factor in Rural E-Learning Design

    Dinesh S. Katre

    Cognitive Structures and Linguistic Sequential Memory or Memory of Serial Order are not very well developed among illiterate people contrary to educated people. It affects the comprehension of... More

    pp. 67-72

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  5. Development and Evaluation of Computer-Based Laboratory Practical Learning Tool

    Y B. Gandole

    Effective evaluation of educational software is a key issue for successful introduction of advanced tools in the curriculum. This paper details to developing and evaluating a tool for computer... More

    pp. 73-79

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