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Journal of Educational Technology

2018 Volume 15, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Who Wants to Be a Chemist? Formative Assessment Made Fun and Engaging

    Sangeetha Balakrishnan

    Formative assessment--assessment intended to enhance teaching and learning--is an indispensable part of a teacher's tools. As opposed to summative assessment, formative assessment is carried out... More

    pp. 1-7

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  2. Computer Science Education: Online Content Modules and Professional Development for Secondary Teachers in West Tennessee -- A Case Study

    Lee Allen

    With ongoing efforts in the United States to further develop the availability of computer science education in the public schools, federal, state, and local educational agencies are increasing... More

    pp. 8-15

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  3. Video-Based Learning of Quantitative Courses in Higher Education

    Yaron Ghilay

    The aim of the study was to examine the effectiveness of a model called Video-Based Learning (VBL). VBL is designed to improve the learning of higher education courses, especially those based on... More

    pp. 16-27

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  4. Perception and Dilemmas of Teacher Educators on Utilization of Open Education Resources

    Sankaranarayanan Paleeri

    Teacher educators are confronting myriads of challenges in identifying and utilizing the Open Education Resources (OER). This study is intended to analyze the perception and dilemmas faced by... More

    pp. 55-61

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