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Indian Journal of Open Learning

1996 Volume 5, Number 2

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Number of articles: 10

  1. From the Editor

    V.S. Prasad

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  2. Empowerment of Women: An Analysis of Gender Training Frameworks for Open Learning Systems

    Annu Thomas, Senior Lecturer (Women's Education), School of Continuing Education. Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

    Open learning systems can challenge the conventional processes operating in curriculum design and development in order ro address the need for gender training. An analysis of the existing gender... More

    pp. 1-9

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  3. Empowering Women through Distance Education

    Rekha Sharma, Lecturer in Women's Education, School of Continuing Education lndira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

    Alternative Perspectives in education and training contitute a major item in the agenda set out for the distance education system. This paper is an exploration in this area. Using the courses of... More

    pp. 10-18

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  4. Student Opinion of Counselling : The Experience of Indira Gandhi National Open University

    S. Manjulika, Assistant Director. Regional Services, IGNOU, New Delhi; V. Reddy & Fulzele Fulzele, Deputy Director Regional Services, IGNOU, New Delhi

    Distance teaching derives its strenght from two-way communication, whether postal, telephonic or face to face. As advances are being made in improving the quality of distance tuition and self... More

    pp. 19-29

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  5. A Study of the Problems Faced by IGNOU Students

    Dolly Simon, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU Regional Centre, Jaipur

    In any transition from one system of education to another, students are found to face not only cultural shock but also operational difficulties. While cultural change spans a long period during... More

    pp. 30-39

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  6. Management Education Through Distance Mode : Current Status and Emerging Scenario

    Kamal Yadava, Lecturer. School of Management Studies, IGNOU. New Delhi

    Some of the most attractive programmes of open universities have been the management programmes all over the world, including India. However, if the programmes fail to update or reorient themselves... More

    pp. 40-46

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  7. Developing Self-Instructional Materials for Science Programmes : A Pragmatic Approach

    J.P. Bagchi, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU Regional Centre, Lucknow

    Teaching-learning transactions in subject areas falling under the umbrella of the 'hardcore-sciences' have been seen to be problematic because of a range of reasons. They could be problems as... More

    pp. 47-52

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  8. Training of Panchayati Raj Functionaries - Distance Education Approach

    M. Aslam, Professor in Rural Development, and Prqject Director, Panchayati Raj Prqject, lndira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

    Training of Panchayati Raj Functionaries - Distance Education Approach More

    pp. 53-58

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  9. 'Selection' as an Input for Counsellor-Training : Some Reflections

    K. Murugan, Senior Lecturer in Distance Education, STRIDE , Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068

    The issue that is a veritable cause for concern in training is that of relating theory to practice. Training programmes for counsellors, for instance, purports to provide the counsellor-in... More

    pp. 59-69

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  10. The Role and Conti-ibution of STRIDE in the Development of Human Resources for Distancelopen Learning

    P.R. Ramanujam, Reader in Distance Education, Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (STRIDE), Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi-110068

    Developing countries practising distance/open education face a number of problerns at the very basic level which the develeped countries do not. Scarcity of human resources to establish and manage ... More

    pp. 70-84

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