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Learning and Instruction

Volume 9, Number 6

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Number of articles: 3

  1. From social interaction to individual reasoning: an empirical investigation of a possible socio-cultural model of cognitive development

    Rupert Wegerif, Neil Mercer & Lyn Dawes

    This study explores the theory that individual reasoning ability, as measured using standard reasoning tests, has part of its origin in dialogue with others. In the study, 64 eight- and nine-year... More

    pp. 493-516

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  2. Enhancing learning and problem solving skills: orienting and self-judging, two powerful and trainable learning tools

    Chris Masui & Erik De Corte

    In this study we report on orienting and self-judging as study and problem-solving activities or learning tools. We examine their trainability and their effect on academic performance. These... More

    pp. 517-542

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  3. Managing the written text: the beginning of punctuation in children's writing

    Emilia Ferreiro & Clotilde Pontecorvo

    This study aims at understanding the use of punctuation in children's early writings in connection with the organisation of the written text. Data are drawn from a larger comparative study in which... More

    pp. 543-564

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