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Learning and Instruction

August 2008 Volume 18, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Time students spend working at home for school

    Petra Wagner, Barbara Schober & Christiane Spiel

    The paper presents three studies which deal with the time students spend working at home for school. In addition, the paper focuses on the distribution of time investment over the course of a week ... More

    pp. 309-320

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  2. Family and motivation effects on mathematics achievement: Analyses of students in 41 countries

    Ming Ming Chiu & Zeng Xihua

    This study examines family and motivation effects on student mathematics achievement across 41 countries. The Rasch estimates of PISA mathematics test scores and questionnaire responses of 107,975 ... More

    pp. 321-336

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  3. The effects of explicit teaching of metastrategic knowledge on low- and high-achieving students

    Anat Zohar & Bracha Peled

    This study assessed the effects of explicit teaching of metastrategic knowledge (MSK) on gains of low-achieving (LA) and high-achieving (HA) 5th grade students ( More

    pp. 337-353

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  4. Profiles of algebraic competence

    Judi Humberstone & Robert A. Reeve

    The algebraic competence of 72 12-year-old female students was examined to identify profiles of understanding reflecting different algebraic knowledge states. Beginning algebraic competence ... More

    pp. 354-367

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  5. Learning with multiple representations: Extending multimedia learning beyond the lab

    Billie Eilam & Yael Poyas

    The present study extended multimedia learning principles beyond the lab to an ecologically valid setting (homework). Eighteen information cards were used to perform three homework tasks. The... More

    pp. 368-378

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  6. An aptitude–treatment interaction approach to writing-to-learn

    Marleen Kieft, Gert Rijlaarsdam & Huub van den Bergh

    In this article, we propose to link the study of writing-to-learn to the theory of aptitude–treatment interaction (ATI). In an experimental study we examined the effects of a course on “Writing-to-... More

    pp. 379-390

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  7. Cognitive and linguistic constraints on phoneme isolation in Dutch kindergartners

    Saskia de Graaff, Fred Hasselman, Anna M.T. Bosman & Ludo Verhoeven

    This study investigated whether task instructions affect sound-isolation performance. The effects of phoneme class and phoneme position were also assessed. Two hundred Dutch kindergartners were... More

    pp. 391-403

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