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Learning and Instruction

Volume 14, Number 6

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Motivation, cognitive processing and achievement in higher education

    Marjon Bruinsma

    This study investigated the question of whether a student's expectancy, values and negative affect influenced their deep information processing approach and achievement at the end of the first and ... More

    pp. 549-568

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  2. The influence of cognitive test anxiety across the learning–testing cycle

    Jerrell C. Cassady

    This study tested the hypothesized negative impact of cognitive test anxiety in the test preparation, performance, and reflection phases. Data available from the participants ( More

    pp. 569-592

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  3. Making sense of graphs: does metacognitive instruction make a difference on students' mathematical conceptions and alternative conceptions?

    Bracha Kramarski

    The present study investigates the differential effects of cooperative learning with or without metacognitive instruction on making sense of graphs. Participants were 196 eighth-graders who studied... More

    pp. 593-619

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  4. Intellectual and metacognitive skills of novices while studying texts under conditions of text difficulty and time constraint

    Marcel V.J. Veenman & Jos J. Beishuizen

    This study investigated the nature of the relation between intelligence and metacognitive skillfulness as predictors of novice learning from text studying. Additionally, effects of text difficulty ... More

    pp. 621-640

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