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Learning and Instruction

2002 Volume 12, Number 6

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Bringing about change in the classroom: strengths and weaknesses of the self-regulated learning approach—EARLI Presidential Address, 2001

    M. Boekaerts

    In an attmpt to help both students and teachers to change their traditional roles in the classroom, educational psychologists have engaged in two types of projects. The first project can be... More

    pp. 589-604

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  2. The semantic effects of consulting a textual database on rewriting

    Jacques Crinon & Denis Legros

    Children 8-10-years old were asked to write a story and then to improve it using resource texts. A first group accessed the resource texts through a computer database, a second group read the texts... More

    pp. 605-626

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  3. Graphophonemic awareness in adults after instruction in phonic generalisations

    Vincent Connelly

    A number of studies have shown, counter-intuitively, that skilled adult readers find it difficult to correctly relate phonemes to graphemes in written words. In most adults this is of little... More

    pp. 627-649

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  4. Learning history through textbooks: are Mexican and Spanish students taught the same story?

    Mario Carretero, Liliana Jacott & Asunción López-Manjón

    Teaching history, compared to other school subjects is characterised from country to country by widely varying content. This has been commented on by both historians ( How history is re-told ... More

    pp. 651-665

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