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American Journal of Distance Education

2013 Volume 27, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. E-Learning of Genetic Counseling and Basic Genetics for Psychologists in Brazil

    Renato Pustilnick, Jorge S. Correia-Neto & Guilherme Vilar

    This study describes the development of a learning process of genetic counseling and basic genetics using an e-learning model and its application to a group of psychologists in the state of Parana ... More

    pp. 145-154

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  2. Qualitative Research in Distance Education: An Analysis of Journal Literature 2005-2012

    Laura Hauser

    This review study examines the current research literature in distance education for the years 2005 to 2012. The author found 382 research articles published during that time in four prominent peer... More

    pp. 155-164

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  3. Governance, Faculty Incentives, and Course Ownership in Online Education at Doctorate-Granting Universities

    Jeff E. Hoyt & Darin Oviatt

    Researchers conducted a national survey of administrators at doctorate-granting universities to determine the current status of institutional policies and practices related to the organization and ... More

    pp. 165-178

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  4. Electronic versus Print Textbooks: The Influence of Textbook Format on University Students' Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Motivation, and Text Anxiety

    Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw, Jillian Wendt & Rebecca Lunde

    Because a majority of university students do not regularly read course textbooks, a study was conducted to determine if portable electronic textbooks (e-textbooks) would increase university student... More

    pp. 179-188

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  5. A New Resource for College Distance Education Astronomy Laboratory Exercises

    Nicole P. Vogt, Stephen P. Cook & Amy Smith Muise

    This article introduces a set of distance education astronomy laboratory exercises for use by college students and instructors and discusses first usage results. This General Astronomy Education... More

    pp. 189-200

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