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Teacher Education and Special Education

May 2011 Volume 34, Number 2

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Using Enhanced Podcasts to Augment Limited Instructional Time in Teacher Preparation

    Michael J. Kennedy, Juliet E. Hart & Ryan O. Kellems

    Teacher education programs are limited in terms of available face-to-face instructional time for preparing general education teacher candidates to work with students with exceptionalities. Given... More

    pp. 87-105

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  2. A Comparison of On-Campus and Distance Teacher Education Programs in Severe Disabilities

    John McDonnell, J Matt Jameson, Tim Riesen, Shamby Polychronis, Margaret A. Crockett & Brigid E. Brown

    Distance teacher education programs employing videoconferencing technology and other online teaching tools are increasingly being used to prepare teachers of students with disabilities in rural and... More

    pp. 106-118

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