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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 47, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Accounting for structure and agency in ‘close-up’ research on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education

    Paul Ashwin

    This paper examines research into teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) in higher education in terms of structure and agency. It argues that although issues of structure and agency are seen as... More

    pp. 151-158

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  2. Researching assessment as social practice: Implications for research methodology

    Suellen Shay

    Recent educational journals on both sides of the Atlantic have seen a resurgence of debate about the nature of educational research. As a contribution to these debates, this paper draws on... More

    pp. 159-164

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  3. Sustainable assessment?: Critical features of the assessment process in a modularised engineering programme

    Åsa Lindberg-Sand & Thomas Olsson

    This paper reports a project researching the interplay between a formal assessment system on the one hand and the development of students’ and teachers’ work in the actual assessment process on the... More

    pp. 165-174

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  4. Assessment close up: The limits of exquisite descriptions of achievement

    Peter Knight & Mantz Yorke

    This paper concentrates on the public and formal processes of reporting achievement. The topic is significant because employers, managers and graduate schools all use warrants when making selection... More

    pp. 175-183

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  5. Assessment, and the literacy practices of trainee PCET teachers

    Jonathan Tummons

    Drawing on concepts of learning as socially situated within communities of practice and of literacy as social practice (the New Literacy Studies), this paper seeks to explore the assessment... More

    pp. 184-191

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  6. Texts, practices and student learning: A view from the South

    Chrissie Boughey

    This article uses ‘close-up’ ethnographic research to provide an account of students’ engagement with learning in a South African university. Broadly based on Halliday's [Halliday, M. A. K. (1973).... More

    pp. 192-199

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  7. The ‘no problem’ Discourse model: Exploring an alternative way of researching student learning

    Jennifer M. Case & Delia Marshall

    In this paper we explore an alternative way of characterising the student learning experience, drawing on sociocultural perspectives on learning. Here, learning is not merely the application of an ... More

    pp. 200-207

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