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International Journal of Educational Research

1999 Volume 31, Number 7

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. On the road to transfer: an introduction

    Erik De Corte

    pp. 555-559

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  2. Nurturing the seeds of transfer: a domain-specific perspective

    Patricia A Alexander & P.Karen Murphy

    Transfer, the process of using knowledge or skills acquired in one context in a new or varied context, has long been the topic of spirited debate in the research community. In this chapter,... More

    pp. 561-576

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  3. Transfer of learning: paradoxes for learners

    P.R.J Simons

    There are three kinds of transfer: from prior knowledge to learning, from learning to new learning, and from learning to application. The central thesis of this chapter is that all three should... More

    pp. 577-589

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  4. Instructional means to overcome transfer problems in the domain of economics: empirical studies

    Robin Stark, Heinz Mandl, Hans Gruber & Alexander Renkl

    In a computer-based learning environment (the simulation of a company) multiple learning contexts were established. Additionally, the learners were provided with a problem-solving guidance. In a... More

    pp. 591-609

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  5. Multimedia aids to problem-solving transfer

    Richard E Mayer

    How can students be helped to understand scientific explanations of cause-and-effect systems, such as how a pump works, how the human respiratory system works, or how lightning storms develop? This... More

    pp. 611-623

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  6. Learning across cultures: appropriateness of knowledge transfer

    Simone Volet

    This chapter focuses on the issue of transfer of cognitions, motivations, and dispositions related to learning across different cultural-educational contexts. Research with learners from Confucian ... More

    pp. 625-643

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