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CALICO Journal

January 2010 Volume 27, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Learning a Language with Web 2.0: Exploring the Use of Social Networking Features of Foreign Language Learning Websites

    Megan P. Stevenson & Min Liu

    This paper presents the results of an online survey and a usability test performed on three foreign language learning websites that use Web 2.0 technology. The online survey was conducted to gain... More

    pp. 233-259

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  2. Exploring Wiki-Mediated Collaborative Writing: A Case Study in an Elementary Spanish Course

    Lina Lee

    Wikis, as one of the Web 2.0 social networking tools, have been increasingly integrated into second language (L2) instruction to promote collaborative writing. This paper reports on a case study... More

    pp. 260-276

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  3. "Leveling the Playing Field:" The Effects of Online Second Language Instruction on Student Willingness to Communicate in French

    Scott Kissau, Heather McCullough & J Garvey Pyke

    Second language (L2) instruction in the United States has in recent history experienced significant change. Instead of emphasizing grammatical accuracy, L2 teachers are now asked to focus on... More

    pp. 277-297

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  4. Effects of Self-Monitoring on Web-Based Language Learner's Performance and Motivation

    Mei-Mei Chang

    This study examined the effect of a self-monitoring strategy on EFL online learners' academic performance and motivational beliefs. A total of 90 college freshmen participated in the study, and... More

    pp. 298-310

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  5. The Influence of L2 Teachers' Use of CALL Modes on Language Learners' Reactions to Blended Learning

    Kwang Hee Hong & Keiko K. Samimy

    Previous research on blended learning (BL) implementation in L2 instructional settings considers L2 teachers' use of the incorporated CALL modes and learners' attitudes toward the CALL modes as... More

    pp. 328-348

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  6. Projections: From a Graduate TELL Class to the Practical World of L2 Teachers

    Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, Alexis Jeong Kim & Tristin J. Klein

    Our action research study used a mixed design to explore the experiences of 90 pre- and in-service ESL, foreign language (FL), and bilingual teachers in studying and incorporating technology... More

    pp. 349-375

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  7. When They Talk about CALL: Discourse in a Required CALL Class

    Greg Kessler

    This study investigates preservice teachers' discourse about CALL in a required CALL class which combines theory and practice. Thirty-three students in a Linguistics MA program CALL course were... More

    pp. 376-392

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  8. Instructional Technology in International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Programs

    Hugh Crumley

    This study examined the range of instructional technology use in international teaching assistant (ITA) programs in U.S. universities and the perceptions ITA professionals have of this use. It... More

    pp. 409-431

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