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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

August 2017 Volume 66, Number 1

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Number of articles: 35

  1. Leaving the teaching profession: The role of teacher stress and educational accountability policies on turnover intent

    Shannon V. Ryan, Temple University, United States; Nathaniel P. von der Embse, University of South Florida, United States; Laura L. Pendergast, Temple University, United States; Elina Saeki, California State University Los Angeles, United States; Natasha Segool, University of Hartford, United States; Shelby Schwing, Temple University, United States

    This study examined the relationship between test-based accountability policy at the state level, teacher test stress, teacher burnout, and teacher turnover intentions, while controlling for years ... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. How engaged are pre-service teachers in the United States?

    Elizabeth Kim & Roisin P. Corcoran

    Using the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), findings are reported from the largest ever longitudinal study of engagement among pre-service teachers. Levels of engagement are... More

    pp. 12-23

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  3. Enhancing quality: Listening to participant voices to improve our Master's program in special education

    Shana J. Haines, Colby T. Kervick, Katharine G. Shepherd & Melanie J. Levitt

    Newly inducted special education teachers must be well-prepared to address changes in today's schools, including increased student diversity, implementation of tiered systems of support, and the... More

    pp. 24-32

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  4. Facilitating the development of preservice teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge of literacy and agentic identities: Examining a teacher Educator's intentional language choices during video-mediated reflection

    Andrea Gelfuso

    This study examined a possible way of facilitating the development of PSTs PCK and agentic identities through video-mediated, guided reflection on literacy field experiences. Particularly, this... More

    pp. 33-46

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  5. Developing pre-service teachers' professional knowledge of teaching: The influence of mentoring

    Juanjo Mena, University of Salamanca, Spain; Paul Hennissen, Fontys University of Applied Sciences; John Loughran, Monash University, Australia

    This study was situated in a Primary Teacher Education program in the Netherlands. The participants (N=16) comprised four each of: Pre-Service Teachers (PST); Mentor Teachers; School-Based Teacher ... More

    pp. 47-59

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  6. The power of video feedback with structured viewing guides

    Niels Brouwer, Radboud University Nijmegen; Eric Besselink, Iselinge College of Primary Teacher Education; Ida Oosterheert, Radboud University Nijmegen

    Three similarly designed interventions were evaluated in which preservice and in-service primary school teachers received video feedback using structured viewing guides in order to improve the... More

    pp. 60-73

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  7. Exploring the development of core teaching practices in the context of inquiry-based science instruction: An interpretive case study

    Jill McNew-Birren & Leigh A. van den Kieboom, Marquette University, United States

    This paper describes our reflection on a clinical-based teacher preparation program. We examined a context in which novice pre-service teachers and a mentor teacher implemented inquiry-based... More

    pp. 74-87

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  8. Classroom teachers’ experiences implementing a movement integration program: Barriers, facilitators, and continuance

    Tan Leng Goh, Springfield College, United States; James C. Hannon, West Virginia University, United States; Collin A. Webster, University of South Carolina, United States; Leslie Podlog, University of Utah, United States

    This study was designed to qualitatively examine fifteen classroom teachers' experiences in implementing a movement integration (MI) program, TAKE 10!®, using the comprehensive school physical... More

    pp. 88-95

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  9. Generous reading expands teachers’ perceptions on student writing

    Lucy K. Spence, Xumei Fan & Liza Speece, University of South Carolina, United States; Saad Bushaala, Department of Modern Languages and Classics, United States

    Five fifth-grade teachers used generous reading to expand their perspectives on student writing beyond the rubric-based writing assessment. Their discussions were recorded and compared to... More

    pp. 96-106

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  10. Supporting primary school teachers in differentiating in the regular classroom

    Tessa H.S. Eysink, Manon Hulsbeek & Hannie Gijlers

    Many primary school teachers experience difficulties in effectively differentiating in the regular classroom. This study investigated the effect of the STIP-approach on teachers' differentiation... More

    pp. 107-116

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  11. The influence of student teachers on student achievement: A case study of teacher perspectives

    Jennifer A. Tygret

    pp. 117-126

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  12. Choose your strategy wisely: Examining the relationships between emotional labor in teaching and teacher efficacy in Hong Kong primary schools

    Hongbiao Yin, Shenghua Huang & John Chi Kin Lee, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

    Following Grandey's integrative model of emotional labor, this study examined the relationships between teachers' emotional labor strategies, the emotional job demands of teaching, trust in... More

    pp. 127-136

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  13. Pre-service English teachers' attitudes towards English as a lingua franca

    Jean E. Curran & Chiou-lan Chern

    This study investigated the attitudes pre-service English teachers—English majors, students minoring in English, graduate students, and interns—have towards English as a lingua franca. Results... More

    pp. 137-146

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  14. Impact of short-term study abroad program: Inservice teachers' development of intercultural competence and pedagogical beliefs

    Ye He, Kristine Lundgren & Penelope Pynes

    A comprehensive study abroad program is one of the most effective ways to prepare multicultural and global teachers. However, in teacher education, most of the study abroad programs are designed... More

    pp. 147-157

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  15. Teachers' professional vision, pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs: On its relation and differences between pre-service and in-service teachers

    Nicola Meschede & Anja Fiebranz, Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), Germany; Kornelia Möller, Seminar for Elementary Science Education, Germany; Mirjam Steffensky, Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), Germany

    This study explores the structure of teacher cognition by investigating the relation of teachers' professional vision with pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs in the domain of elementary... More

    pp. 158-170

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  16. Teachers' self-directed learning and teaching experience: What, how, and why teachers want to learn

    Monika L. Louws & Jacobiene A. Meirink, ICLON Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching; Klaas van Veen, Teacher Education; Jan H. van Driel, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Australia

    This study focused on teachers' self-directed learning; a concept derived from adult learning theories that accommodates for the idea that teachers formulate their own learning needs and... More

    pp. 171-183

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  17. Physical education teachers' experiences and beliefs of production and reproduction teaching approaches

    Ioannis Syrmpas & Nikolaos Digelidis, School of Physical Education and Sport Science, Greece; Anthony Watt & Mark Vicars, School of Education, Australia

    The study aimed to identify participants' teaching preferences and the underlying reasons that support the implementation of the reproduction and production teaching approaches. Ten physical... More

    pp. 184-194

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  18. Metaphor as pedagogy in teacher education

    Heather L. Lynch & Teresa R. Fisher-Ari

    Two teacher educators used metaphors to create spaces for students to express their shifting understandings of curriculum over time. This paper centers upon their reflection and analysis of... More

    pp. 195-203

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  19. Supporting children to construct evidence-based claims in science: Individual learning trajectories in a practice-based program

    Anna Maria Arias, Illinois State University, United States; Elizabeth A. Davis, University of Michigan, United States

    New reforms envision ambitious teaching, requiring knowledge and abilities beginning teachers may not have. To support learning to teach, a practice-based approach has been suggested. This study... More

    pp. 204-218

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  20. An exploratory study of teacher agency for social justice

    Nataša Pantić

    This paper presents a case study of teacher agency for social justice in a primary school in Scotland. Mixed methods and tools, including a questionnaire, interviews and observations, were used to ... More

    pp. 219-230

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