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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

April 2016 Volume 55, Number 1

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Number of articles: 29

  1. If the jacket fits: A metaphor for teacher professional learning and development

    Sandi Tait-McCutcheon & Michael Drake

    The purpose of this research project was to assist lead teachers to define, analyse, and refine their relationship with professional learning and development through the metaphor of a jacket.... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Predicting in-service educators' intentions to teach in inclusive classrooms in India and Australia

    Umesh Sharma & Dt Kate Jacobs, Monash University, Australia

    This article examines intentions of in-service teachers from India (n = 349) and Australia (n = 253) to teach in inclusive classrooms using the theory of planned behavior (TPB). Two new scales were... More

    pp. 13-23

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  3. The development of an instrument to measure English Language Learner (ELL) teacher work stress

    Traci L. Weinstein, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education, United States; Edison J. Trickett, Division of Community and Prevention Research, United States

    The purpose of the current study was to develop a measure of English Language Learner (ELL) teacher stress that highlights multiple aspects of teachers' work settings that impact their work stress.... More

    pp. 24-32

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  4. Picture This: Multimodal representations of prospective teachers' metaphors about teachers and teaching

    Erica R. Hamilton

    Metaphors are often used to help prospective teachers' articulate ideas and knowledge about teachers and teaching. This article reports the results of a study focused on a multimodal project... More

    pp. 33-44

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  5. The teacher as moral educator: comparative study of secondary teachers in Catholic schools in Australia and Ireland

    J. Gleeson, Australian Catholic University, Australia; J. O'Flaherty, Department of Education and Professional Studies, Ireland

    This paper considers the role of the teacher in relation to moral education in Catholic schools in Australia and Ireland. Literature pertaining to faith-based schooling, the moral role of the... More

    pp. 45-56

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  6. History teachers' conceptions of inquiry-based learning, beliefs about the nature of history, and their relation to the classroom context

    Michiel Voet & Bram De Wever

    The present study provides a comprehensive picture of history teachers' conceptions of inquiry-based-learning (IBL), based on interviews with 22 secondary school teachers. The results indicate that... More

    pp. 57-67

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  7. Understanding teacher emotions: The development of a teacher emotion inventory

    Junjun Chen

    This study investigates the emotions experienced by primary teachers in Hong Kong and Mainland China schools and develops a Teacher Emotion Inventory (TEI). Through surveying 254 teachers in a... More

    pp. 68-77

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  8. The impact of victims' responses on teacher reactions to bullying

    Nicole Sokol, Kay Bussey & Ronald M. Rapee

    This study examined how victims' responses to bullying affect teachers' attitudes and reactions. Australian teachers (N = 289) completed online questionnaires about hypothetical videotaped bullying... More

    pp. 78-87

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  9. Beginning and experienced secondary school teachers' self- and student schema in positive and problematic teacher–student relationships

    Luce Claessens, Jan van Tartwijk & Helena Pennings, Department of Education; Anna van der Want & Nico Verloop, ICLON Graduate School of Teaching; Perry den Brok, Eindhoven School of Education; Theo Wubbels, Department of Education

    The quality of teacher–student relationships is important for teachers' well-being in schools. In this interview study we investigated which cognitions comprise secondary school teachers' self- and... More

    pp. 88-99

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  10. ‘The teacher almost made me cry’ Narrative analysis of teachers' reactive classroom management strategies as reported by students diagnosed with ADHD

    Juho Honkasilta & Tanja Vehkakoski, Department of Education, Finland; Simo Vehmas, Department of Social Research, Finland

    This interview study addresses the gap in earlier research by focussing on the narratives of 13 ADHD-diagnosed Finnish students regarding teacher reactive classroom management strategies. The data ... More

    pp. 100-109

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  11. Moral and citizenship educational goals in values education: A cross-cultural study of Swedish and Turkish student teachers' preferences

    Robert Thornberg, Linköping University, Sweden; Ebru Oğuz, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

    The aim of the present study was to examine Swedish and Turkish student teachers' moral educational and citizenship educational goal preferences in values education. The participants were 198... More

    pp. 110-121

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  12. Three reading-intervention teachers' identity positioning and practices to motivate and engage emergent bilinguals in an urban middle school

    Jung-In Kim & Kara Mitchell Viesca

    This study investigated three urban middle-school teachers' practices with respect to motivating and engaging emergent bilinguals in reading-intervention classrooms by exploring the teachers'... More

    pp. 122-132

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  13. The influence of prior experiences on early childhood education students' anticipated work with families

    Constance Winder & Carl Corter

    Early childhood educators (ECEs) are increasingly expected to work collaboratively. In order to best prepare pre-service ECEs for their work with families, faculty members need to understand the... More

    pp. 133-142

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  14. Scaffolding through dialogic teaching in early school classrooms

    Heli Muhonen, Helena Rasku-Puttonen, Eija Pakarinen, Anna-Maija Poikkeus & Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen

    The present study examines what types of dialogic teaching patterns can be identified in the early school years, and how teachers scaffold children's participation and shared understanding through ... More

    pp. 143-154

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  15. HEAD teachers managing entrepreneurship education – Empirical evidence from general education

    Elena Ruskovaara, Minna Hämäläinen & Timo Pihkala, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

    The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of head teachers' background characteristics on the entrepreneurship education of schools. The study analyzes how the background characteristics... More

    pp. 155-164

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  16. “Racism just isn't an issue anymore”: Preservice teachers' resistances to the intersections of sexuality and race

    Stephanie Anne Shelton, The University of Alabama, Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling Department, United States; Meghan E. Barnes, The University of Georgia, United States

    Through year-long focus group interviews with members of a secondary English Education cohort this paper considers both 1) participants' understandings of sexuality and race and 2) how participants... More

    pp. 165-174

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  17. Effects of web-based training on Spanish pre-service and in-service teacher knowledge and implicit beliefs on learning to read

    Juan E. Jiménez, Faculty of Psychology, Spain; Isabel O'Shanahan, Faculty of Education, Spain

    The main objective of this study was to analyze the effects of web-based training on Spanish pre-service and in-service teacher knowledge and implicit beliefs on learning to read. A sample of pre... More

    pp. 175-187

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  18. The dark side of mentoring on pre-service language teachers' identity formation

    Eric Rui Yuan

    This research explores the identity construction of two pre-service language teachers through their interactions with school mentors and university supervisors during their teaching practicum.... More

    pp. 188-197

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  19. Professional development through reflection in teacher education

    Minna Körkkö, Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä & Tuija Turunen

    This article investigates primary school student teachers' practicum-related reflections. The data consists of the portfolio writings of 13 students. A thematic analysis approach was used to... More

    pp. 198-206

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  20. How do teachers evaluate their parent communication competence? Latent profiles and relationships to workplace behaviors

    Martin Gartmeier & Markus Gebhardt, Technische Universität München, Germany; Benjamin Dotger, Syracuse University, United States

    Parent-teacher communication competence, frequency of exchange on parent-related issues with colleagues and time spent working with parents were measured with questionnaires in a sample of 677... More

    pp. 207-216

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