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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

August 2015 Volume 50, Number 1

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Number of articles: 12

  1. A phenomenographic analysis of the implementation of competence-based education in higher education

    Anne-Katrien Koenen, Filip Dochy & Inneke Berghmans

    After one decade of Competence-Based Education (CBE), the need arises to investigate the experiences and implementation of CBE in contemporary higher education. A phenomenographic analysis using... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Beliefs about sources of knowledge predict motivation for learning in teacher education

    Ivar Bråten & Leila E. Ferguson

    The purpose of this study was to provide new understanding concerning the theory-practice gap in teacher education. Participants, who were 96 Norwegian student teachers, were found to believe more ... More

    pp. 13-23

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  3. School-level determinants of teacher collegial interaction: Evidence from lower secondary schools in England, Finland, South Korea, and the USA

    Joo-Ho Park & Jeon-Yi Lee

    This study investigated the influence of between-school differences in participative school climate, time and money as learning supports, frequency of teacher appraisal, school SES, and number of... More

    pp. 24-35

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  4. Cambodian teachers' responses to child-centered instructional policies: A mismatch between beliefs and practices

    Sopheak Song

    Cambodia and her international development partners have been promoting child-centered pedagogy for almost two decades. However, classroom instruction remains predominantly front-oriented and... More

    pp. 36-45

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  5. Burnout in Irish teachers: Investigating the role of individual differences, work environment and coping factors

    Conor Foley & Mike Murphy

    The purpose of the current study is to examine the relative contributions of individual difference, work environment and coping factors to teacher burnout in an integrative predictive model. The... More

    pp. 46-55

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  6. Stereotypes and teacher characteristics as an explanation for the class-specific disciplinary practices of pre-service teachers

    Imke Dunkake & Claudia Schuchart

    This paper explores the importance of class-related stereotypes for the discipline practice of pre-service teachers and whether stereotypes and discipline practice are related to their students'... More

    pp. 56-69

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  7. Pre-service elementary school teachers' expectations about student performance: How their beliefs are affected by their mathematics anxiety and student's gender

    Alejandra Mizala & Francisco Martínez, Center for Applied Economics, Chile; Salomé Martínez, Center for Mathematics Modeling, Chile

    We examine whether the expectations of pre-service elementary school teachers about students' achievement, and their beliefs regarding student need for academic support, are influenced by future... More

    pp. 70-78

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  8. Teacher interpersonal behaviour and student motivation in competence-based vocational education: Evidence from Indonesia

    Zainun Misbah & Judith Gulikers, Wageningen University and Research Center; Ridwan Maulana, Department of Teacher Education; Martin Mulder, Wageningen University and Research Center

    Competence-based education requires changing teacher roles probably affecting teacher–student interactions and student motivation. This study examines how students (N = 1469) from competence-based ... More

    pp. 79-89

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  9. A classroom data literacy intervention for pre-service teachers

    Todd D. Reeves & Sheryl L. Honig, Northern Illinois University, United States

    This pretest-posttest study investigated 64 pre-service teachers' perceptions of the impact of a 6-h data literacy intervention, which involved scoring classroom assessments, and analyzing,... More

    pp. 90-101

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  10. Evidence-based practices to stimulate emergent literacy skills in kindergarten in France: A large-scale study

    Jean Ecalle & Hélène Labat, Laboratoire EMC Etude des Mécanismes Cognitifs (EA 3082), France; Marion Le Cam & Thierry Rocher, DEPP Direction de l'Evaluation Prospective et de la Performance, France; Laurent Cros, Association Agir pour l'Ecole, France; Annie Magnan, Laboratoire EMC Etude des Mécanismes Cognitifs (EA 3082), France

    In a randomized controlled trial with 3569 kindergarten children, evidence-based literacy practices (EBLP) were proposed by teachers to an experimental group (EG). A control group did not receive... More

    pp. 102-113

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  11. Teacher agency and dialogic feedback: Using classroom data for practitioner inquiry

    Jennifer Charteris & Dianne Smardon

    Evidence based discourse has increasingly permeated Anglophone staffrooms and classrooms, fuelled by the impetus to ‘raise standards’ and bolster global competitiveness through improved teacher... More

    pp. 114-123

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  12. Virtual special issue on teachers and emotions in Teaching and teacher education (TATE) in 1985–2014

    Minna Uitto, Katri Jokikokko & Eila Estola

    The number of articles on teachers and emotions has increased radically over the past decade in Teaching and Teacher Education (TATE). In a search for teachers and emotions published in TATE from... More

    pp. 124-135

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