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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

November 2013 Volume 36, Number 1

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Number of articles: 19

  1. How may teacher evaluation have an impact on professional development? A multilevel analysis

    Eva Delvaux & Jan Vanhoof, Institute of Education and Information Science, Belgium; Melissa Tuytens, Eva Vekeman & Geert Devos, Department of Educational Studies, Belgium; Peter Van Petegem, Institute of Education and Information Science, Belgium

    Teacher evaluation systems play an important role in teachers' professional development. This study examines which components of an evaluation system are related to the effects of the evaluation... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. Teachers' perspectives on environmental education in multicultural contexts: Towards culturally-responsive environmental education

    Natasha Blanchet-Cohen & Rosemary C. Reilly, Department of Applied Human Sciences, Canada

    This inquiry explores teachers' perspectives on enacting environmental education in a Québec urban locale with high student diversity. Participating in focus groups and interviews, teachers from... More

    pp. 12-22

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  3. Teacher identity development in the first year of teacher education: A developmental and social psychological perspective

    Myron D. Friesen & Susan C. Besley

    The present study examined the development of teacher identity in a cohort of first year student teachers from a developmental and social psychological perspective, relying on Erikson's (1964)... More

    pp. 23-32

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  4. Transcultural teacher development within the dialectic of the global and local: Bridging gaps between East and West

    Edward R. Howe & Shijing Xu, Faculty of Education, Japan

    Amid far-reaching global social and economic changes, increasing diversity and growing interdependency, teachers play important roles in creating successful futures for both individuals and society... More

    pp. 33-43

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  5. The target language revisited

    Gary N. Chambers

    This article reports on a study on the use of the target language (TL) in foreign language classrooms, drawing on the perspectives of student teachers and practising teachers. Observational and... More

    pp. 44-54

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  6. Teachers working with ESOL paraprofessionals in a secondary context: Examining supervision

    Karen Stacey, Sharon Harvey & Heather Richards

    Internationally paraprofessionals are increasingly employed as one option of providing support for English language learners (ELLs) in schools. Consequently more teachers are working with... More

    pp. 55-67

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  7. Teaching processes in elementary physical education classes taught by specialists and nonspecialists

    Panos Constantinides, Frederick University, Cyprus; Ralph Montalvo & Stephen Silverman, Teachers College, United States

    The purpose of this study was to compare teaching processes in fourth grade elementary physical education classes taught by specialists and nonspecialists (N = 20). Physical education specialists... More

    pp. 68-76

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  8. Grammar matters: How teachers' grammatical knowledge impacts on the teaching of writing

    Debra Myhill, Susan Jones & Annabel Watson, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

    Teaching grammar has been mandated in statutory curriculum documents in England since 1988. Yet despite this, research evidence continues to suggest that metalinguistic knowledge is an area of... More

    pp. 77-91

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  9. The challenges of scaling-up and sustaining professional development school partnerships

    Donna Adair Breault

    This article addresses the challenges PDS partnerships face as they go to scale. Based on Coburn's (2005) notions of scale, the article uses organizational theory to analyze data from a ten-year... More

    pp. 92-100

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  10. Opportunities and obstacles to consider when using peer- and self-assessment to improve student learning: Case studies into teachers' implementation

    Lois R. Harris, Central Queensland University, Australia; Gavin T.L. Brown, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    Peer- and self-assessment (PASA) are student-led assessment practices with the potential to positively affect achievement. Case studies of three New Zealand classrooms were examined to explore... More

    pp. 101-111

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  11. Pre-service teachers' pedagogical learning during practicum placements in special schools

    Elizabeth Walton & Lee Rusznyak

    This paper discusses the pedagogical learning of some South African pre-service teachers during a practicum in ‘special’ schools. Besides promoting their understanding of diversity, these pre... More

    pp. 112-120

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  12. We make the road by walking together: New teachers and the collaborative and context-specific appropriation of shared social justice-oriented practices and concepts

    Nicholas Henning

    This study examined the work of a collaborative group of six new United States-based social studies teachers from the same social justice-oriented teacher education program (SJOTEP). Shared... More

    pp. 121-131

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  13. Talking about the test. Boundary work in primary school teachers' interactions around national testing of student performance

    Sølvi Mausethagen

    There is currently a strong belief in accountability as a policy of action and standardized testing has been implemented in several countries. This article examines tensions that occur in meetings ... More

    pp. 132-142

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  14. What matters for student learning outcomes: A meta-analysis of studies exploring factors of effective teaching

    Leonidas Kyriakides, Christiana Christoforou & Charalambos Y. Charalambous

    Meta-analysis comprises a powerful tool for synthesizing prior research and empirically validating theoretical frameworks. Using this tool and the dynamic model of educational effectiveness as a... More

    pp. 143-152

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  15. Forming a change environment to encourage professional development through a teacher study group

    Hsiu-Ting Hung, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology; Hui-Chin Yeh, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

    This study is grounded in the context of English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) teacher education in Taiwan and aims to promote the potential of teacher study groups. The Interconnected Model of... More

    pp. 153-165

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  16. How different mentoring approaches affect beginning teachers' development in the first years of practice

    Dirk Richter, Mareike Kunter, Oliver Lüdtke, Uta Klusmann, Yvonne Anders & Jürgen Baumert, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany

    This study examines the extent to which the quality of mentoring and its frequency during the first years of teaching influence teachers' professional competence and well-being. Analyses are based ... More

    pp. 166-177

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  17. Measuring teachers' and student teachers' perceptions of practice-based research in PDS and non-PDS settings

    M.C.W. Marjan Vrijnsen-de Corte, Fontys University of Applied Sciences; P.J. Perry den Brok, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven School of Education; M.J. Marcel Kamp, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen School of Education; T.C.M. Theo Bergen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven School of Education

    Professional Development Schools (PDS) have been established to realise supportive and stimulating environments for practice-based research activities for both teachers and student teachers. The... More

    pp. 178-188

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  18. The role of video for self-evaluation in early field experiences

    Laura Baecher, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, United States; Shiao-Chuan Kung, Department of Educational Technology, United States; Abigail M. Jewkes, Department of Child Development & Family Relations, United States; Christine Rosalia, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, United States

    The purpose of this investigation was to explore the influence of video models on teacher candidates' capacity to self-evaluate their teaching performance in early fieldwork. This was examined by... More

    pp. 189-197

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  19. A phenomenological study of an international teaching practicum: Pre-service teachers' experiences of professional development

    Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan

    This article reports a research project planned and organized by the School of Educational Studies of Universiti Sains Malaysia to provide an international teaching practicum experience to six pre-... More

    pp. 198-209

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