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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

May 1999 Volume 15, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Orientations, purposes and reflection: a framework for understanding action research

    Mary L. Rearick & Allan Feldman

    Interest in action research has grown exponentially during the last twenty years. Each year, more and more educators are becoming involved in action research through a variety of activities, such... More

    pp. 333-349

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  2. Coming to terms with “diversity” and “multiculturalism” in teacher education: Learning about our students, changing our practice

    Karen S. Cockrell, Peggy L. Placier, Dan H. Cockrell & Julie N. Middleton

    A teacher educator team addressed negative student responses to a multicultural foundations course by designing an action research study to learn more about their student’s identities, experiences ... More

    pp. 351-366

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  3. Professional conversations: new teachers explore teaching through conversation, story, and narrative

    Frances O’Connell Rust

    Undergraduate students and recent graduates of an urban teacher education program came together regularly to talk about becoming reflective and effective teachers. Qualitative analysis of the... More

    pp. 367-380

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  4. A marginal story as a place of possibility: negotiating self on the professional knowledge landscape

    Janice Huber & Karen Whelan

    Drawing on a two-year study focusing on teacher identity and marginalization within diverse school landscapes, we explore the educative and miseducative qualities of response as told through one... More

    pp. 381-396

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  5. Parallel stories: a way of contextualizing teacher knowledge

    Cheryl J. Craig

    Adopting Clandinin and Connelly’s “professional knowledge landscape” metaphor [Clandinin, D. J., & Connelly, F. M. (1994). Personal experience methods. In N. Denzin & Y. Lincoln (Eds.), Handbook of... More

    pp. 397-411

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  6. Teachers’ metacognitive knowledge and the instruction of higher order thinking

    Anat Zohar

    The purpose of the present study was to investigate teachers’ declarative metacognitive knowledge of higher order thinking skills. This was a qualitative study conducted within the educational... More

    pp. 413-429

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  7. Active learning: views and actions of students and teachers in basic education

    Mieke L. Lunenberg & Monique Volman

    This article discusses how teachers and adult, female, immigrant students in basic education deal with active learning. The study orientations, mental models of learning and images of ideal... More

    pp. 431-445

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  8. Commonalities and controversy in context: a study of academic historians’ educational beliefs

    Kathleen M. Quinlan

    The educational beliefs of eight academic historians are examined in the context of their department, the university and the history of the discipline. Similarities among the academics about goals ... More

    pp. 447-463

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