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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 12, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Collaboration in student teaching: Learning to teach in the context of changing curriculum practice

    Anne Phelan, Hunter McEwan & Neil Pateman

    The paper represents a study of a project designed to rethink the student teaching practicum. The “collaborative model” encourages teaming between teachers and student-teachers and creates... More

    pp. 335-353

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  2. Generative teaching and personality characteristics of student teachers

    Marilyn Kourilsky, Mahtash Esfandiari & Merlin C. Wittrock

    This study determined the relations between generative teaching and student teachers' social maturity, receptivity to criticism and ability to incorporate criticism. Additionally, the “more... More

    pp. 355-363

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  3. Epistemological antecedents to culturally relevant and constructivist classroom curricula: A longitudinal study of teachers' contrasting world views

    Richard R. Powell

    This study explored how teachers' prior experiences, beliefs about knowledge, and schooling contexts collectively influenced their ability to implement classroom curricula that were culturally... More

    pp. 365-384

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  4. Within-teacher predictors of teacher efficacy

    John A. Ross, J. Bradley Cousins & Tahany Gadalla

    Previous research has represented teacher efficacy (TE) as a unitary disposition, despite theoretical arguments that TE is task specific. Experienced secondary teachers (N = 52) responded to a... More

    pp. 385-400

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  5. Teacher efficacy: Toward the understanding of a multi-faceted construct

    Leslie C. Soodak & David M. Podell

    To explore dimensions of teacher efficacy, the responses of 310 teachers to a modified version of the Gibson & Dembo (1984) [Journal of Educational Psychology, 76, 569–582], scale were factor... More

    pp. 401-411

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  6. A developmental constructivist approach to pre-service teachers' ways of knowing

    Rosemary E. Sutton, Antony Cafarelli, Richard Lund, Dennis Schurdell & Susan Bichsel

    The purpose of this study is to apply the Women's Ways of Knowing (Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger, & Tarule, 1986; New York: Basic Books) conceptualization to the thinking exhibited in interviews of ... More

    pp. 413-427

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  7. Preservice elementary teachers' views of pedagogical and mathematical content knowledge

    Donna H. Foss & Robert C. Kleinsasser

    In broad terms, this study describes preservice elementary teachers' beliefs, conceptions, and practices during the mathematics methods course and teaching practica of a teacher education program. ... More

    pp. 429-442

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  8. Assessment in teacher education: getting clear on the concept

    Michael Scriven

    pp. 443-450

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