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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 12, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. The development of student teachers' practical theory of teaching

    Brenda Kettle & Neal Sellars

    This study explores the professional development of two student teachers. Changes in their “practical theories”—their system of knowledge, attitudes, and values related to teaching—provide an... More

    pp. 1-24

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  2. Written case analyses and critical reflection

    Helen L Harrington, Kathleen Quinn-Leering & Lisa Hodson

    Preparing teachers who are reflective requires a clear conception of what reflection is and the means to foster its development. It also requires a way to gauge that development. This study... More

    pp. 25-37

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  3. Correspondence in cooperating teachers' and student teachers' interpretations of classroom events

    Luz E Gonzalez & Kathy Carter

    Using the concept of well remembered events, we examined how members of 13 elementary school cooperating teacher/student teacher dyads interpreted the same teaching events. Members of a dyad... More

    pp. 39-47

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  4. “The music is why I teach”: Intuitive strategies of successful teachers in culturally diverse learning environments

    Richard R Powell

    This study explored the classroom learning environments and instructional strategies of four teachers in culturally diverse classrooms. All teachers were deemed successful by their school... More

    pp. 49-61

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  5. Portfolios: A tool for reflective thinking in teacher education?

    Rahima C Wade & Donald B Yarbrough

    Portfolios have often been promoted as a tool for reflective thinking, yet few studies have examined the use of portfolios in reflective teacher education programs. This exploratory study uses... More

    pp. 63-79

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  6. Learning to reflect: A story of empowerment

    Pauline James

    This paper presents and analyses a story of empowerment for tradespeople in training as technology studies teachers in secondary schools. In the past, changes in identity required by the transition... More

    pp. 81-97

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  7. Image and the pressure to conform in learning to teach

    Kate Hawkey

    The question of how far teacher images are resilient to change and how far influenced by context is discussed. The images of two preservice teachers over a 1-year training course are presented to... More

    pp. 99-108

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  8. Action research: Being teachers or freeing teachers?

    Nancy L Hutchinson

    pp. 109-114

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  9. The staff room: A key place to understand professional culture

    Roland Vandenberghe

    pp. 115-117

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