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Computers in Human Services

1987 Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Computerization of Psychosocial Services in the General Hospital: Collaborative Information Management in the Human Services Department

    John S. Lyons

    Describes process by which a multiple-level collaborative database system was designed. Notes that by clearly elaborating the various design goals, it was possible to build a system through which... More

    pp. 27-36

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  2. The Effectiveness of a Computerized Self-Help Stress Coping Program with Adult Males

    James J. Smith

    Examined whether computerized self-help stress coping program was effective in reducing stress among 30 adult male juvenile counselors. Compared to controls, subjects who participated in program... More

    pp. 37-49

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  3. Computer-Based Case Management for the Elderly

    Stan Blazyk

    Notes that economic, demographic, and political factors pressure health care providers into improving discharge planning and long-term care services for clients. Examines the application of... More

    pp. 63-77

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  4. Computer Usage by Social Service Agencies in Santa Clara County, California

    Roland M. Wagner

    Survey of the extent of computerization in social service agencies in Santa Clara county, California revealed some problems that are commonly experienced by organizations undergoing the transition ... More

    pp. 79-84

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