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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 29, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Making educational development and change sustainable: Insights from complexity theory

    Mark Mason

    This article considers the challenge of sustainable change and development in education from the perspective of complexity theory. Complexity theory’s concept of emergence implies that, given a... More

    pp. 117-124

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  2. Popular educational innovations in the hierarchical world of Mexican policy

    Christopher Martin

    In marginal regions of Mexico, grass roots educational innovations have often provided what the official system has not: basic education that responds to the cultural particularities of such... More

    pp. 125-132

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  3. Skills development, employment and sustained growth in Ghana: Sustainability challenges

    Robert Palmer

    Against a backdrop of some two decades of sustained economic growth in Ghana, this paper argues that there are a series of sustainability challenges related to technical and vocational skills... More

    pp. 133-139

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  4. Culture, indigenous knowledge systems and sustainable development: A critical view of education in an African context

    Anders Breidlid

    The article’s focus is the relationship between culture, indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), sustainable development and education in Africa. It analyzes the concept of sustainability with... More

    pp. 140-148

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  5. Vocational education and training for sustainability in South Africa: The role of public and private provision

    Simon McGrath & Salim Akoojee

    Written in the twilight of the Mbeki Presidency, this paper considers the role that skills development has in the sustainability of the South African political–economic project. It explores some of... More

    pp. 149-156

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  6. Western and Chinese development discourses: Education, growth and sustainability

    Bjorn Harald Nordtveit

    This article examines Western and Chinese discourses of education, sustainable growth and development. Education is increasingly considered as a means to fuel economic growth, especially since the ... More

    pp. 157-165

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  7. Successful globalisation, education and sustainable development

    Angela W. Little & Andy Green

    This article examines the role of education in ‘successful globalisation’ and how this links with agendas for sustainable development. In the first part ‘successful globalisation’ is defined as... More

    pp. 166-174

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  8. Education, skills, sustainability and growth: Complex relations

    Kenneth King

    The global education agenda, embedded in the Education for All (EFA) Goals, and the Millennium Development Goals, has emphasised the importance of reaching EFA rather than sustaining this... More

    pp. 175-181

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