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Computers in the Schools

1999 Volume 15, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Computers and Qualitative Research

    Jerry Willis & Muktha Jost

    Discusses the use of computers in qualitative research, including sources of information; collaboration; electronic discussion groups; Web sites; Internet search engines; electronic sources of data... More

    pp. 21-52

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  2. Using Technology To Promote Teacher Action Research

    Alex C. Pan

    Discussion of teacher involvement in integrating technology into their curriculum focuses on a field-tested plan that helped teachers learn to apply technology via classroom action research.... More

    pp. 81-99

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  3. Software for Analyzing Qualitative Data

    Jerry Willis & Muktha Jost

    Reviews three of the most popular qualitative data analysis software packages currently available. Describes the purpose of research, including hermeneutic understanding and storytelling; examines ... More

    pp. 117-50

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