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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1990 Volume 6, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Computers in Early Education: Issues Put to Rest, Theoretical Links to Sound Practice, and the Potential Contribution of Microworlds

    Daniel D. Shade & J Allen Watson

    Discusses research evidence for not including microcomputers in preschool environments; develops a theoretical base favoring computer use in early childhood that includes views of Papert, Piaget,... More

    pp. 375-92

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  2. "Writing to Read": An Evaluation of a Canadian Installation of a Computer-Supported Initial Language Environment

    Betty Collis

    Description of the "Writing to Read" (WTR) program highlights an evaluation of the WTR experience with first graders at two British Columbia schools. Treatments for experimental and control groups ... More

    pp. 411-27

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  3. Models of Qualitative Data Use in the Assessment of Classroom-Based Microcomputer Education Programs

    Harold G. Levine

    Discusses epistemological issues involved in the use of qualitative methods to assess classroom-based microcomputer programs, specifically Apple Computer's "Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow." Six... More

    pp. 461-77

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