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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2011 Volume 45, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Digital Divides and Social Network Sites: Which Students Participate in Social Media?

    June Ahn

    Social network sites (SNSs) like Myspace and Facebook are now popular online communities with large teenage user populations. Teens use these technologies to interact, play, explore, and learn in... More

    pp. 147-163

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  2. Using Social Networking for Online Role-Plays to Develop Students' Argumentative Strategies

    Richard Beach & Candance Doerr-Stevens

    Social networking sites may include argumentative writing about particular issues in which participants adopt competing perspective and discourses on those issues. This study examined roles and... More

    pp. 165-181

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  3. Reading while Watching Video: The Effect of Video Content on Reading Comprehension and Media Multitasking Ability

    Lin Lin, Jennifer Lee & Tip Robertson

    Media multitasking, or engaging in multiple media and tasks simultaneously, is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon with the development and engagement in social media. This study examines... More

    pp. 183-201

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  4. Singaporean Adolescents' Perceptions of Online Social Communication: An Exploratory Factor Analysis

    Robert Z. Zheng, Angeline Cheok & Eng Khoo

    The current study investigated adolescents' perceptions in online social communication. Three factors were perceived by adolescents as critical to online social communication. These included self... More

    pp. 203-221

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  5. Help from My "Friends": Social Capital in the Social Network Sites of Low-Income Students

    Christine Greenhow & Lisa Burton

    The development of social capital in young people is positively associated with educational attainment, achievement, and psychosocial factors. Prior research has explored factors that contribute to... More

    pp. 223-245

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  6. Reading "Moby-Dick" in a Participatory Culture: Organizing Assessment for Engagement in a New Media Era

    Daniel T. Hickey, Jenna McWilliams & Michelle A. Honeyford

    Traditional literacy instruction is perhaps still necessary but is certainly no longer sufficient to prepare learners for participation in the range of literacy practices that characterize an... More

    pp. 247-263

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