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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2010 Volume 43, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Effectiveness of Structural Feedback Provided by Pathfinder Networks

    David L. Trumpower & Gul Shahzad Sarwar

    Within the field of education, there has been an increasing recognition of the importance of formative assessment and of structural knowledge. In an effort to fill needs in each of these areas,... More

    pp. 7-24

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  2. Assessment Certitude as a Feedback Strategy for Learners' Constructed Responses

    W A. Kealy & A D. Ritzhaupt

    Educational researchers have "rarely" addressed the problem of how to provide feedback on constructed responses. All participants (N = 76) read a story and completed short-answer questions based on... More

    pp. 25-45

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  3. Cognitive Apprenticeship in Computer-Mediated Feedback: Creating a Classroom Environment to Increase Feedback and Learning

    Erica C. Boling & Jeanine Beatty

    This qualitative case study of 1 teacher and 10 students in an Advanced Placement English class explores the role of computer-mediated feedback in the creation of a classroom learning environment... More

    pp. 47-65

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  4. Peer Feedback in a Large Undergraduate Blended Course: Perceptions of Value and Learning

    Peggy A. Ertmer, Jennifer C. Richardson, James D. Lehman, Timothy J. Newby, Xi Cheng, Christopher Mong & Ayesha Sadaf

    This study examined students' perceptions of peer feedback and learning in a large, undergraduate course that incorporated supplementary online discussions. Peer feedback (PF) was facilitated via... More

    pp. 67-88

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  5. Anonymity to Promote Peer Feedback: Pre-Service Teachers' Comments in Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

    Craig D. Howard, Andrew F. Barrett & Theodore W. Frick

    In this quasi-experimental case study, we compared five sections of a basic undergraduate technology course. Within an asynchronous web forum, pre-service teachers wrote short critiques of websites... More

    pp. 89-112

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  6. An Analysis of Students' Perceptions of the Value and Efficacy of Instructors' Auditory and Text-Based Feedback Modalities across Multiple Conceptual Levels

    Phil Ice, Karen Swan, Sebastian Diaz, Lori Kupczynski & Allison Swan-Dagen

    This article used work from the writing assessment literature to develop a framework for assessing the impact and perceived value of written, audio, and combined written and audio feedback... More

    pp. 113-134

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