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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2008 Volume 39, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Algorithmic Animation in Education--Review of Academic Experience

    Margarita Esponda-Arguero

    This article is a review of the pedagogical experience obtained with systems for algorithmic animation. Algorithms consist of a sequence of operations whose effect on data structures can be... More

    pp. 1-15

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  2. Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Sense of Community in an Online Learning Environment

    Demei Shen, Piyanan Nuankhieo, Xinxin Huang, Christopher Amelung & James Laffey

    This study uses social network analysis (SNA) in an innovative way to describe interaction and explain how interaction influences sense of community of students in online learning environments. The... More

    pp. 17-36

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  3. Predictors of Foreign Language Reading Comprehension in a Hypermedia Reading Environment

    Yavuz Akbulut

    This study investigated factors affecting second/foreign language (L2) reading comprehension in a hypermedia environment within the theoretical framework of dual coding and cognitive load theories,... More

    pp. 37-50

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  4. Relationships between Computer Self-Efficacy, Technology, Attitudes and Anxiety: Development of the Computer Technology Use Scale (CTUS)

    Agatha M. Conrad & Don Munro

    Two studies are reported which describe the development and evaluation of a new instrument, the Computer Technology Use Scale (CTUS), comprising three domains: computer self-efficacy, attitudes to ... More

    pp. 51-73

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  5. Students Evaluating Internet Sources: From Versatile Evaluators to Uncritical Readers

    Carita Kiili, Leena Laurinen & Miika Marttunen

    The Internet is a significant information resource for students due to the ease of access it allows to a vast amount of information. As the quality of the information on the Internet varies, it is ... More

    pp. 75-95

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