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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2006 Volume 35, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Fostering Collaborative Knowledge Construction in Case-Based Learning Scenarios in Videoconferencing

    Bernhard Ertl, Birgitta Kopp & Heinz Mandl

    This article focuses on facilitating learners' collaborative knowledge construction in case-based learning scenarios. The article first describes how case-based learning can promote knowledge... More

    pp. 377-397

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  2. Monitoring Students' Collaboration in Computer-Mediated Collaborative Problem-Solving: Applied Feedback Approaches

    Joerg Zumbach, Peter Reimann & Sabine C. Koch

    This research describes a methodology for applying design- and management-based scaffolding techniques aimed to enhance cooperative behavior. Based on assumptions of how successful online learning ... More

    pp. 399-424

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  3. Supporting Self-Regulated Learners for a While and What Computers Can Contribute

    Ingo Kollar & Frank Fischer

    This article's main claim is that to support individuals' development toward becoming self-regulated learners requires certain amounts of other-regulation, i.e. scaffolding. Starting from this... More

    pp. 425-435

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