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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2001 Volume 25, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Ethics and the Computer: Children's Development of Moral Reasoning about Computer and Internet Use

    Bruce Burnam & Yasmin B. Kafai

    Describes a study of third and fifth grade students that investigated moral dilemmas involving computer and Internet use. Significant differences were found between children's moral reasoning in... More

    pp. 111-27

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  2. Evaluating RuralNet: Teaching with the Internet

    Ravinder Koul, Randall L. Wiesenmayer & Peter A. Rubba

    Describes the West Virginia K-12 RuralNet project which provides inservice teacher training to public school teachers on the use of Internet resources and presents a summary of quantitative and... More

    pp. 129-40

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  3. Individual Characteristics Influencing Teachers' Class Use of Computers

    Johan van Braak

    Describes a study of Belgian secondary school teachers that investigated the relationship between computer use in the classroom and influencing factors on an individual level. Considers age, gender... More

    pp. 141-57

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  4. Academic Departments and Student Attitudes toward Different Dimensions of Web-based Education

    Pat-Anthony Federico

    Describes research at the Naval Postgraduate School that investigated student attitudes toward various aspects of Web-based instruction. Results of a survey, which were analyzed using a variety of ... More

    pp. 159-75

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  5. Differences in EEG Power and Coherence Measures Related to the Type of Presentation: Text versus Multimedia

    Ivan Gerlic & Norbert Jausovec

    This study investigated the cognitive processes of student teachers using electroencephalography (EEG) methodology. Results suggest that learning the computer-supported multimedia lessons was... More

    pp. 177-95

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