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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1986 Volume 2, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. A Study of the Development of Programming Ability and Thinking Skills in High School Students

    D Midian Kurland

    A study of high school students learning computer programming was conducted to determine the impact of programming on particular mathematical and reasoning abilities, the cognitive skills or... More

    pp. 429-58

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  2. A Summary of Misconceptions of High School BASIC Programmers

    Ralph T. Putnam

    High school students' misunderstandings of the conceptual machine of the BASIC programming language were examined using a screening test and structured interviews to determine their understanding... More

    pp. 459-72

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  3. Analogical Reasoning and Computer Programming

    Catherine A. Clement

    A study of correlations between analogical reasoning and Logo programming mastery among female high school students related the results of pretests of analogical reasoning to posttests of... More

    pp. 473-86

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