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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1996 Volume 15, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Do Computers Affect "The Mind"?

    Claire M. Fletcher-Flinn & Thomas Suddendorf

    Describes a study of preschool children in New Zealand that examined the relation between computer use and the development of metacognitive abilities. Highlights include the use of the British... More

    pp. 97-112

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  2. The Role of the Computer in the School as Perceived by Computer-Using Teachers and School Administrators

    Hussein Yaghi

    Discusses the use of computers in schools and computer education (CE) activities and describes a study that examined how the role of computers in schools is perceived by teachers and administrators... More

    pp. 137-55

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  3. Learner-Control Effects: A Review of Reviews and a Meta-Analysis

    Richard P. Niemiec

    Considers the effects of learner control in computer-assisted instruction based on literature reviews and a meta analysis of 24 studies. Results suggest that learner control has little if any... More

    pp. 157-74

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