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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1985 Volume 1, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. System-Assigned Strategies and CBI

    Brockenbrough S. Allen & M David Merrill

    Presents a theoretical framework for designing computer-based systems that guide students in learning strategy selection; compares theories for determining when system-assigned strategies will... More

    pp. 3-21

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  2. Computer Anxiety: Definition, Measurement, and Correlates

    Marjorie A. Cambre & Desmond L. Cook

    Review of general anxiety and its measurement provides a framework for considering computer anxiety. Test and math anxiety are discussed as specific anxieties with potential similarities. Five... More

    pp. 37-54

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  3. Introducing Microcomputers into the Classroom: A Study of Teacher's Concerns

    Terry Cicchelli & Richard Baecher

    This study used the Stages of Concern Questionnaire to investigate concerns of elementary and secondary school teachers at the onset of the process of implementing microcomputers in their schools. ... More

    pp. 55-65

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  4. Determinants of Microcomputer Literacy in High School Students

    Marlaine E. Lockheed

    This study of secondary school students was conducted to determine effects of gender, grade, mathematics placement, and access to microcomputers on computer literacy achievement gains. Results... More

    pp. 81-96

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