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Information Technology and Libraries

1988 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. On the Preservation of Human- and Machine-Readable Records

    John C. Mallinson

    Describes the findings of the Committee on Preservation of the National Archives and Record Service, which compared the effectiveness of machine readable records and microfilm as storage media for ... More

    pp. 19-23

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  2. Measures of Expected Online Catalog Performance for Public Access Terminals

    Raymond G. Taylor

    Describes the power of queuing models as a source of detailed, expected performance measures for online catalogs. An illustration of such a performance analysis is provided, and its value to... More

    pp. 24-29

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  3. Developing and Using the Online Catalog to Teach Critical Thinking

    Joan Bechtel

    Discusses the need to teach undergraduate students the critical thinking processes necessary to formulating and researching a topic, rather than the technicalities of online catalogs. The... More

    pp. 30-40

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  4. Laser Printing for a Variety of Library Applications

    Glen J. Kelly

    Summarizes the current status of laser printers in terms of cost, hardware and software requirements, measurement and operational considerations, ease of use, and maintenance. The cost... More

    pp. 41-50

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  5. Online Maintenance Features of Authority Files: Survey of Vendors and In-House Systems

    Agnes M. Grady

    Reports the results of a survey of libraries having authority control and using authority control vendors, which was conducted to examine online maintenance features of present systems. The... More

    pp. 51-55

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  6. Bibliographic Data Management with dBase: A Study of Secondary Key Retrieval on Multivalued Data Items

    Richard Pollard

    Describes a study that examined the ability of the dBase database management system to perform secondary key retrieval on multivalued data items. The results are presented as time cost relative to ... More

    pp. 56-66

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  7. Conventional and Knowledge-Based Information Retrieval with Prolog

    William Leigh & Noemi Paz

    Describes the use of PROLOG to program knowledge-based information retrieval systems, in which the knowledge contained in a document is translated into machine processable logic. Several examples... More

    pp. 67-72

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