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Computers & Education

September 2007 Volume 49, Number 2

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Number of articles: 26

  1. The role of errors in learning computer software

    Robin H. Kay

    Little research has been done examining the role of errors in learning computer software. It is argued, though, that understanding the errors that people make while learning new software is... More

    pp. 441-459

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  2. The impact of computer use at home on students’ Internet skills

    Hans Kuhlemeier & Bas Hemker

    This article reports on a study into the impact of students’ use of the Internet and the computer at home on digital skills they need for school. The study was conducted in the lower grades of... More

    pp. 460-480

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  3. The development and evaluation of a virtual radiotherapy treatment machine using an immersive visualisation environment

    P. Bridge, R.M. Appleyard, J.W. Ward, R. Philips & A.W. Beavis

    Due to the lengthy learning process associated with complicated clinical techniques, undergraduate radiotherapy students can struggle to access sufficient time or patients to gain the level of... More

    pp. 481-494

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  4. An approach for automatic generation of adaptive hypermedia in education with multilingual knowledge discovery techniques

    Enrique Alfonseca, Pilar Rodríguez & Diana Pérez

    This work describes a framework that combines techniques from Adaptive Hypermedia and Natural Language processing in order to create, in a fully automated way, on-line information systems from... More

    pp. 495-513

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  5. The ECDL programme in Italian Universities

    Maria Carla Calzarossa, Paolo Ciancarini, Paolo Maresca, Luisa Mich & Nello Scarabottolo

    The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) programme aims at testing practical skills and competences in using ICT tools. This paper presents the results of a monitoring exercise aimed at... More

    pp. 514-529

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  6. Wireless Internet and student-centered learning: A Partial Least-Squares model

    Eric Y. Lu, Hongyan Ma, Sandra Turner & Wayne Huang

    Wireless Internet technology is gaining a foothold on more and more campuses, yet few studies have investigated how wireless Internet supports and enhances a student-centered learning environment. ... More

    pp. 530-544

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