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Computers & Education

May 2006 Volume 46, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Fostering knowledge construction in university students through asynchronous discussion groups

    Tammy Schellens & Martin Valcke

    Does collaborative learning in asynchronous discussion groups result in enhancing academic discourse and knowledge construction? This general research question has been researched in a study... More

    pp. 349-370

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  2. Investigating the quality of student approaches to using technology in experiences of learning through writing

    Robert A. Ellis

    This study reports on the student experience of learning through writing in an undergraduate science subject. During their writing experience, 52 first year university science students used a... More

    pp. 371-390

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  3. The use of ICT to support the development of practical music skills through acquiring keyboard skills: a classroom based study

    Liz M.Y. Chan, Ann C. Jones, Eileen Scanlon & Richard Joiner

    This paper concerns the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in music classrooms, with the focus on the secondary school music curriculum in the United Kingdom. In particular, it ... More

    pp. 391-406

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  4. Audio-visual training in children with reading disabilities

    Annie Magnan & Jean Ecalle

    This study tested the effectiveness of audio-visual training in the discrimination of the phonetic feature of voicing on the recognition of written words by young children deemed to at risk of... More

    pp. 407-425

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  5. Computer-supported example-based learning: When instructional explanations reduce self-explanations

    Silke Schworm & Alexander Renkl

    We investigated whether the findings from worked-out example research on the effects of self-explanation prompts and on instructional explanations can be generalized to other example types – in... More

    pp. 426-445

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  6. Isolated versus integrated case studies: A comparison in the context of teaching complex and domain-specific IT applications

    Ned Kock, Robert Aiken & Cheryl Sandas

    Previous research on IT fluency in connection with non-IT majors points at the increasing need for more “realistic” courses teaching the use of complex and domain-specific IT applications. That... More

    pp. 446-457

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  7. Teaching-Material Design Center: An ontology-based system for customizing reusable e-materials

    Hei-Chia Wang & Chien-Wei Hsu

    Use of electronic teaching materials (e-material) to support teaching is a trend. e-Material design is therefore an important issue. Currently, most e-material providers offer a package of... More

    pp. 458-470

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