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Computers & Education

September 2002 Volume 39, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A framework for the development of multimedia systems for use in engineering education

    Jim Carter

    Multimedia presents a number of challenges and opportunities which must be addressed if it is to be used effectively in an educational context. Engineering education can greatly benefit, if these... More

    pp. 111-128

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  2. Sites of construction: language learning, multimedia, and the international engineer

    Andrea Dlaska

    This article discusses the role of a multimedia learning environment in teaching foreign languages to engineering students. Arguing for a subject-specific and skills-oriented approach in teaching... More

    pp. 129-143

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  3. An interactive multimedia learning environment for VLSI built with COSMOS

    Marios C Angelides & Harry W Agius

    This paper presents Bigger Bits, an interactive multimedia learning environment that teaches students about VLSI within the context of computer electronics. The system was built with COSMOS ... More

    pp. 145-160

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  4. EVA: an interactive Web-based collaborative learning environment

    Leonid Sheremetov & Adolfo Guzmán Arenas

    In this paper, a Web-based learning environment developed within the project called Virtual Learning Spaces (EVA, in Spanish) is described. The environment is composed of knowledge, collaboration, ... More

    pp. 161-182

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  5. Effects of complex feedback on computer-assisted modular instruction

    Jan Gordijn & Wim J Nijhof

    The aim of this study is to determine the effects of two versions of Computer-Based Feedback within a prevocational system of modularized education in The Netherlands. The implementation and... More

    pp. 183-200

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