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Computers & Education

2001 Volume 36, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Emerging research communities and the World Wide Web: analysis of a Web-based resource for the field of museum learning

    Kevin Crowley, Gaea Leinhardt & Chien-fu Chang

    In this paper we contrast the possibilities of the World Wide Web to transform communities of educational researchers with actual patterns of use of The Museum Learning Collaborative Web site. We... More

    pp. 1-14

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  2. Development of intelligent tutoring systems using knowledge structures

    Miguel Nussbaum, Ricardo Rosas, Isabel Peirano & Francisco Cárdenas

    The aim of this work is to develop a tool for teachers, without necessarily software development experience, to elaborate tutoring applications on a given domain. The teacher makes use of stored... More

    pp. 15-32

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  3. Using the World Wide Web for teaching improvement

    Kala Chand Seal & Zbigniew H. Przasnyski

    The World Wide Web has impacted the educational model in a fundamental way and forced educators to think of ways that this technology can be used to improve teaching effectiveness. This paper... More

    pp. 33-40

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  4. Factors influencing the use of computer mediated communication by teachers in secondary schools

    Johan van Braak

    In this article, a survey on the factors influencing the use of computer mediated communication (CMC) by teachers in secondary schools in Brussels is described. The survey compared a group of CMC... More

    pp. 41-57

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  5. An analysis of a user’s exploration and learning of a multimedia instruction system

    Serge Leblanc, Jacques Saury, Carole Sève, Marc Durand & Jacques Theureau

    In a situated-cognition framework, this article takes an ergonomic approach to describing and interpreting a user’s activity on a computer-assisted interactive learning environment. The environment... More

    pp. 59-82

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  6. Selecting continuous training program and activities for computer professionals

    Marie-Michèle Boulet, Clermont Dupuis & Nadir Belkhiter

    This paper addresses the issue designing two systems that aim, for one, at helping managers to select pertaining continuous training activities and, for the other, at distributing the budget among ... More

    pp. 83-94

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