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Computers & Education

1998 Volume 31, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Computer use levers power sharing: multicultural students' styles of participation and knowledge

    Glenn L DeVoogd

    In the study presented here drawing on staff development experiences in four elementary classrooms, research is presented, describing evolving ways teachers came to learn how to build on the... More

    pp. 351-364

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  2. Preparing Malaysian vocational and technology teachers to integrate computer technology in teaching vocational and technology subjects

    Ab.Rahim bin Bakar & Shamsiah Mohamed

    A study was conducted in three selected states in Malaysia to determine the preparedness of vocational and technology teachers to integrate computer technology in their classrooms. The study showed... More

    pp. 365-372

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  3. New didactics for university instruction: why and how?

    Betty Collis

    Why should instructors in traditional higher education institutions consider the re-design of their courses? The paper begins with a defense of four compelling reasons for changes in didactics: a... More

    pp. 373-393

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  4. An intelligent tutor for intrusion detection on computer systems

    Neil C Rowe & Sandra Schiavo

    Intrusion detection is the process of identifying unauthorized usage of a computer system. It is an important skill for computer-system administrators. It is difficult to learn on the job because... More

    pp. 395-404

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  5. A learning environment for the conservation of area and its measurement: a computer microworld

    Maria Kordaki & Despina Potari

    In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a microworld as a possible learning environment for the concept of conservation of area and its measurement. This microworld is the result... More

    pp. 405-422

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