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Computers & Education

1993 Volume 21, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. How Teachers Use Computers in Instructional Practice--Four Case Studies in a Dutch Secondary School

    Wim Veen

    Describes a study conducted in the Netherlands to provide an understanding of how secondary school teachers actually use computers in the classroom. The use of classroom observations, interviews,... More

    pp. 1-8

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  2. Teachers' Choices of Content and Context in Computer-Education Courses

    Klaus-Henning Hansen

    Discusses results of a study based on a sample of secondary school teachers in Germany that was conducted to analyze the relationships between prior knowledge of content- and context-area topics... More

    pp. 17-23

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  3. The Use of Voice Synthesizer in the Discovery of the Written Language by Young Children

    Rachel Cohen

    Describes part of a research project in France involving the second-language acquisition of young children that focuses on the use of a computer augmented with a voice synthesizer. Topics addressed... More

    pp. 25-30

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  4. Are They Thinking? Are They Learning? A Study of the Use of Interactive Video

    Gillian Blissett & Madeleine Atkins

    Relates findings of an empirical study of student use of an interactive videodisc to theories of learning and to other research findings. A study of 12- and 13-year-old students in England is... More

    pp. 31-39

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  5. Technology-Enriched Schools: Co-Operation between Teachers and Researchers

    J J. Beishuizen & J Moonen

    Discussion of the Dutch Technology-Enriched School (TES) project highlights teacher involvement, including teacher attitudes; development versus controlled research; characteristics of the TES... More

    pp. 51-59

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  6. Does Feedback Enhance Computer-Assisted Language Learning?

    Elisabeth van der Linden

    Describes a study at the French department of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) that was conducted to investigate students' reactions to feedback during computer-assisted language learning ... More

    pp. 61-65

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  7. Students Valuation of the Use of Computers in Education

    B Gerard Doornekamp

    Discusses results of a study conducted in two secondary schools in the Netherlands that investigated student attitudes toward the use of computers in education. Highlights include the use of two... More

    pp. 103-13

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  8. Evaluating Multimedia Applications

    Rauf Yildiz & Madeleine Atkins

    Reviews and analyzes criticisms of the design of media evaluation studies; suggests guidelines for future evaluation studies, including analyses of learning theories and desired learning outcomes; ... More

    pp. 133-39

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