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Journal of Geography in Higher Education

2014 Volume 38, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Internationalizing Geography Education: A Focus on India

    Michael Solem & Chandra Shekhar Balachandran

    The Association of American Geographers (AAG), through its Center for Global Geography Education (CGGE) project, recently published a collection of online educational resources examining important ... More

    pp. 7-16

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  2. Technofetishism and Online Education: Globalizing Geography through Virtual Worlds

    Pablo S. Bose

    Online education is becoming an increasingly popular venture for postsecondary institutions. It is an often controversial undertaking with proponents lauding the possibilities of technological... More

    pp. 28-39

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  3. Connecting High School and University Teachers in National and International Contexts: Perspectives from the 2012 Bangalore Workshop of the AAG-CGGE

    Pratyusha Basu, Eric Pawson, Majed Akhter, David Palmer & Valerie M. Mervine

    This paper focuses on the Center for Global Geography Education teaching workshop held in Bangalore, India, in March 2012 which served as a collaborative forum linking geography teachers in... More

    pp. 40-48

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  4. Small Core, Big Network: A Comprehensive Approach to GIS Teaching Practice Based on Digital Three-Dimensional Campus Reconstruction

    Liang Cheng, Wen Zhang, Jiechen Wang, Manchun Li & Lishan Zhong

    Geographic information science (GIS) features a wide range of disciplines and has broad applicability. Challenges associated with rapidly developing GIS technology and the currently limited... More

    pp. 119-135

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