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Journal of Geography in Higher Education

2011 Volume 35, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Teaching Time-Space Compression

    Barney Warf

    Time-space compression shows students that geographies are plastic, mutable and forever changing. This paper justifies the need to teach this topic, which is rarely found in undergraduate course... More

    pp. 143-161

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  2. Where in the World of Sustainability Education Is US Geography?

    Lee Liu

    This paper investigates latest developments in sustainability studies, sustainability education and geography's place in sustainability education, with a focus on the USA. The investigation draws... More

    pp. 245-263

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  3. Discussing the Geography of Sustainable Development through an International Online Collaboration with Students in Chile and the USA

    Kristen Conway-Gomez & Fabian Araya Palacios

    Students participated in online discussions about sustainable development using a lesson from the Center for Global Geography Education. Students showed statistically significant changes in... More

    pp. 265-279

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