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Information Processing & Management

1996 Volume 32, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Expert System Quality Control

    Bel Gacem Raggad

    A consultation quality control model (CQCM) developed for an expert system (ES) integrated both ES performance measures and end-user judgment values. Simple decision theory concepts were used to... More

    pp. 171-83

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  2. Role-Limiting Methods for Automated Knowledge Acquisition: A Problem-Solving Perspective

    Zhengxin Chen

    Discusses similarities and differences between knowledge acquisition in expert systems and requirement acquisition in others kinds of information systems (particularly decision support systems).... More

    pp. 239-45

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  3. Productivity Growth: The Take-Off Point

    Michael E. D. Koenig & Thomas D. Wilson

    Two logically related themes in management literature are the "productivity paradox" and "business process reengineering." Hypotheses concerning the stages through which information technology will... More

    pp. 247-54

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