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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

September 2014 Volume 40, Number 5

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Sample Size Bias in Judgments of Perceptual Averages

    Paul C. Price, Nicole M. Kimura, Andrew R. Smith & Lindsay D. Marshall

    Previous research has shown that people exhibit a sample size bias when judging the average of a set of stimuli on a single dimension. The more stimuli there are in the set, the greater people... More

    pp. 1321-1331

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  2. Tracking Eye Movements to Localize Stroop Interference in Naming: Word Planning versus Articulatory Buffering

    Ardi Roelofs

    Investigators have found no agreement on the functional locus of Stroop interference in vocal naming. Whereas it has long been assumed that the interference arises during spoken word planning, more... More

    pp. 1332-1347

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