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Economics of Education Review

Volume 20, Number 6

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Effects of key state policies on private colleges and universities: sustaining private-sector capacity in the face of the higher education access challenge

    Fred Thompson & William Zumeta

    The relationship between key state policy variables — (1) relative (private–public) tuition prices, (2) state student-aid funding, and (3) public institution density — and the competitive position ... More

    pp. 517-531

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  2. Alumni giving at a small liberal arts college: evidence from consistent and occasional donors

    Phanindra V. Wunnava & Michael A. Lauze

    This study observed the financial giving of alumni at a small, private liberal arts college covering a 23 year period of consistent (longitudinal) and occasional donors. After observing historical ... More

    pp. 533-543

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  3. Loan burdens and educational outcomes

    James Monks

    There is widespread concern among educators, policy makers, and students that the current generation of college graduates is being unduly burdened with debt. This study examines the impact of debt ... More

    pp. 545-550

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  4. Redistributive fee increases, net attendance costs, and the distribution of students at the public university

    Michael J Hilmer

    This paper examines the effect of policies that increase tuition at public four-year colleges while returning a substantial portion of the revenue to economically disadvantaged students in the form... More

    pp. 551-562

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  5. The effect of grade retention on educational and labor market outcomes

    Eric R. Eide & Mark H. Showalter

    Grade retention is a major issue in the ongoing debate over how to improve primary and secondary education in the United States. This paper examines the retention decision and its empirical effects... More

    pp. 563-576

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  6. Examining the impact of capital on academic achievement

    John T. Jones & Ron W. Zimmer

    While a growing body of literature on education production looks at the impact school inputs have on academic achievement, virtually no research is examining the impact capital is having on... More

    pp. 577-588

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  7. Measuring the relationship between resources and outcomes in higher education in the UK

    C.R Belfield & A Fielding

    This paper relates educational resources in higher education (HE) to labour market earnings for UK graduates. A positive relationship between (various types of) resources deployed and earnings is... More

    pp. 589-602

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  8. Education and Development: Measuring the Social Benefits: Walter W. McMahon; Oxford University Press, New York, 1999, pp. xiv + 299, Price U.S. $55 cloth

    J.Paul Leigh

    pp. 612-613

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