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Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA

December 2010 Volume 29, Number 4

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Fighter Pilot Ejection Study as an Educational Tool

    Garry Robinson & Zlatko Jovanoski

    In this article, we apply the well-known equations of projectile motion to the case of a fighter pilot ejecting from an aircraft, the aim being to establish under what conditions there is danger of... More

    pp. 176-192

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  2. Using Empirical Evidence in the Process of Proving: The Case of Dynamic Geometry

    Bulent Guven, Erdem Cekmez & Ilhan Karatas

    With the emergence of Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS), a theoretical gap between the acquisition (inductive) and the justification (deductive) of a mathematical statement has started a debate. Some... More

    pp. 193-207

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