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Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education

October 2009 Volume 34, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. An Empirical Test of the Validity of Student Evaluations of Teaching Made on

    Michael E. Sonntag, Jonathan F. Bassett & Timothy Snyder

    The present article examined the validity of public web-based teaching evaluations by comparing the ratings on for 126 professors at Lander University to the institutionally... More

    pp. 499-504

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  2. Developing Critical Thinking in E-Learning Environment: Kuwait University as a Case Study

    Salah Al-Fadhli & Abdulwahed Khalfan

    This article investigated the impact of using e-learning models' with the principles of constructivism to enhance the critical thinking skills of students in higher education institutions. The... More

    pp. 529-536

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  3. How to Use (Five) Curriculum Design Principles to Align Authentic Learning Environments, Assessment, Students' Approaches to Thinking and Learning Outcomes

    Noel M. Meyers & Duncan D. Nulty

    In this article, we articulate five principles of curriculum design and illustrate their application in a third-year undergraduate course for environmental and ecological scientists. In this way,... More

    pp. 565-577

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