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Discourse Processes: A Multidisciplinary Journal

July 2008 Volume 45, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Cognitive and Linguistic Factors in Interactive Knowledge Construction

    Ludo Verhoeven & Arthur Graesser

    Over the past few decades, the practice of education and training has been shifting from traditional knowledge transmission approaches to constructivist approaches of knowledge construction. This... More

    pp. 289-297

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  2. Modeling Semantic and Structural Knowledge in Web Navigation

    Ion Juvina & Herre van Oostendorp

    Research on cognitive modeling of information search and Web navigation emphasizes the importance of "information scent" (the relevance of semantic cues such as link labels and headings to a reader... More

    pp. 346-364

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  3. Pause Time Patterns in Writing Narrative and Expository Texts by Children and Adults

    Janet G. van Hell, Ludo Verhoeven & Liesbeth M. van Beijsterveldt

    How do beginning and skilled writers compose a text in the course of time? To gain insight into the temporal aspects of planning and translating activities during writing, this article examined... More

    pp. 406-427

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