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College Student Journal

December 2007 Volume 41, Number 4

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  1. Solving the Problem of Promoting Distance Library Services

    Paul Alan Wyss

    Promoting services is a conundrum for any organization. This is especially true for an academic library promoting distance library services. Systems thinking, process mapping, team learning, and... More

    pp. 747-754

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  2. Analysis of Technology Ownership and Selective Use among Undergraduates

    Terry Diamanduros, Stephen J. Jenkins & Elizabeth Downs

    Extent of technology ownership and use has been documented for teens and even pre-teens. However, little is known as to whether such ownership and use patterns change over time. This study examined... More

    pp. 970-976

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  3. Alumni Relationships in the Electronic Age: An Assessment of a Permission Based E-Mail Campaign

    Robert S. Moore & Caragh E. McLaughlin

    E-mail is seen as an inexpensive, fast way to communicate with university constituencies, especially alumni. The next logical stage for the use of this Internet technology is the development and... More

    pp. 987-998

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  4. Congruency between a Traditional and an Online Career Instrument

    Mark J. Miller, Ernest Cowger, Jerome Tobacyk & Mary Margaret Livingston

    This comparative study examined the degree of similarity between the results of the Self-Directed Search and an online career assessment. Implications for career counselors, based on the results,... More

    pp. 1132-1134

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