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International Journal of Instructional Media

2006 Volume 33, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Relationship in Teamwork--Between Cooperation and Parasitism

    Andrej Sorgo & Dagmar Logar

    The big question which has arisen with the growth of ICT is how to incorporate this new technology into existing curriculum. The authors relate how they established a viable cooperation and... More

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  2. Maximizing the Use of a Web-Based Soils Module: Targeting Diverse Populations

    Robert Lippert

    This article deals with an on-line soils module project. The two goals for this part of the project were to determine if an on-line soils module could be successfully used for asynchronous... More

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  3. A Mastery-Based Approach to Teaching Statistics Online

    David S. Kreiner

    Online versions of statistics courses have been taught for some time, but more information is needed on the effectiveness of using different approaches to teaching statistics online. The present... More

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  4. Technological Immersion in Brunei

    Ludwig Ganske & Zahari Hamidon

    The engine of this report is "An Educational Technology and Instructional Communications Technology Survey" that attempts to probe the impact of new technologies on educators in Brunei Darussalam. ... More

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  5. On the Integration of Remote Experimentation into Undergraduate Laboratories-Technical Implementation

    Sven K. Esche

    This article presents how Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) has adopted an Internet-based approach to implement its undergraduate student laboratories. The approach allowed student interaction... More

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  6. Developing a Positive Mind-Set toward the Use of Technology for Classroom Instruction

    Mabel C. P. O. Okojie & Anthony Olinzock

    The aim of this paper is to examine various indicators associated with the development of a positive mind-set toward the use of technology for instruction. The paper also examines the resources... More

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  7. From Gertie to Gigabytes: Revealing the World with Digital Media


    Multimedia, as the term suggests, consists of multi-mediums such as photographs, sounds, and movies. A variety of digital production tools enable teachers, students, artists, and others to combine ... More

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  8. Evaluating eLearning: A Front-end, Process and Post Hoc Approach

    Temba C. Bassoppo-Moyo

    This paper examines eLearning from three related perspectives: (1) Current and recommended front-end approaches to improving online instruction; (2) The planning, implementation and administration ... More

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