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International Journal of Instructional Media

2005 Volume 32, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The Effects of Advisement and Small Groups on Learning from a Multimedia Database

    Jonathan D. Brinkerhoff, James D. Klein, Thomas Brush & John W. Saye

    The present study is designed to investigate the effects of advisement and informal cooperative learning when students used a multimedia database. Participants were 159 undergraduate students (54... More

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  2. On the Integration of Remote Experimentation into Undergraduate Laboratories--Pedagogical Approach

    Sven K. Esche

    This paper presents an Internet-based open approach to laboratory instruction. In this article, the author talks about an open laboratory approach using a multi-user multi-device remote facility.... More

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  3. Comparing Pre-Service Technology Standards with Technology Skills of Special Educators in Southwestern Michigan

    Ahmad Alobiedat

    This study explores the ISTE technology standards as they have been adopted by Western Michigan University. The ISTE standards used in this study included five key areas: (1) professional use of... More

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  4. Issues in Classroom Management in an Interactive Distance Education Course

    Richard S. Balkin, David Buckner, James Swartz & Shaila Rao

    Distance education is a growing phenomenon in education. Primary grades through post-secondary education institutions to businesses incorporating continuing education have utilized technology and... More

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  5. Students' Reaction to WebCT: Implications for Designing On-Line Learning Environments

    Mohamed Eltahir Osman

    There is a growing number of web-based and web-assisted course development tools and products that can be used to create on-line learning environment. The utility of these products, however, varies... More

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  6. Reflections on Teaching in a Wireless Laptop Lab

    William Beasley, Kathyanne W. Dobda & Lih-Ching Chen Wang

    In recent years laptop computers have become increasingly popular in educational settings; wireless connectivity is a more recent development which is only now being fully explored, and which has... More

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  7. Online Learning in Higher Education: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

    Cher Ping Lim

    The spectacular development of information and communication technologies through the Internet has provided opportunities for students to explore the virtual world of information. In this article, ... More

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  8. New York State's Virtual Learning System

    Jim Donlevy

    This article deals with the Virtual Learning System (VLS) ( which has been developed by New York State's State Education Department. This article describes VLS and... More

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